In the "Accessories" category, there are various accessories available to help you spend the night in challenging conditions. For example, ropes, pegs, a pad for more comfortable sleeping or a cover to store the bivvy bag and protect it from damage. These accessories are specially designed for bivvy bags, they will simplify their transport and handling during your wilderness expedition.

Embroidery for sewing on a sleeping bag Embroidery for sewing on a sleeping bag 2
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Accessories and spare parts

Embroidery for sewing on a sleeping bag

85 Kč
Patches or embroidery for sewing on a sleeping bag or other KWAK product. The price already includes the work of sewing the applique onto the product.
KWAK Zipper puller KWAK Zipper puller 2
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Accessories and spare parts

KWAK Zipper puller

15 Kč
KWAK Zipper puller (slider) will nicely complement the product detail. It is in a combination of black / red / blue / green, you just have to choose. The puller itself consists of a drawstring in various colors and a rubber handle in black with the KWAK logo in green firecrackers and a white KWAK inscription.
KWAK Gift voucher of any value
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100 Kč
Donate a KWAK voucher of any value. After ordering, you can download the Gift Voucher in PDF format (print quality) and print it on your own printer or you can ask us to print in color and send it in an envelope to the address specified in the order to your recipient - This service is FREE. The voucher cannot be exchanged for money or a gift voucher of...
KWAK Brake KWAK Brake 2
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Accessories and spare parts

KWAK Brake

7 Kč
The brake helps to regulate the circuits of garments, sleeping bags or tunnels. Simply, where there is a need to tighten, the brake serves. It fixes the tightening position of the drawstring or elastic perfectly.
KWAK work - 1 hour KWAK work - 1 hour 2
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Sleeping bag accessories

KWAK work - 1 hour

495 Kč
495 Kč / hodina
Work and extra work is calculated for each hour worked and is charged as such..
Custom applique as desired Custom applique as desired 2
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Accessories and spare parts

Custom applique as desired

499 Kč
The possibility to have your own applique made according to your wishes and graphic design, even a few pieces, is not limited.
KWAK Thermal Pad KWAK Thermal Pad 2
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Mattresses, thermal pads

KWAK Thermal Pad

645 Kč
KWAK Thermal Pad is used as additional insulation to prevent loss of thermal comfort when sleeping in the lower section of the sleeping bag - under the heels of the feet. Furthermore KWAK Thermal Pad is also used as as a seat pad when sitting in cold places or in snow.
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