According to the law, persons (legal entities and natural persons) who place packaging or packaged products on the market or in circulation, i.e. import, fill, import into the Czech Republic or sell, are obliged to take back and recover packaging waste.

Packaging is defined as any product made of material of any nature that is intended to contain, protect, handle, deliver or present products intended for the consumer (citizen) or other end user.

Principal Duties:

1. to ensure the take-back and recovery of packaging waste (§§ 10 and 12)

- Take-back - Collection of used packaging from consumers in the territory of the Czech Republic for the purpose of reuse, recovery or disposal of packaging waste.

- Recovery - Ensure that packaging waste placed on the market or in circulation is recovered to the extent set out in Annex 3 of the Act.

2. List of persons (Section 14)

A person who places packaging or packaged products on the market or into circulation is required to apply for entry in the List of Persons who have an obligation to take back or recover packaging waste, no later than 60 days after the obligation arises.

3. Registration (§ 15)

A person registered in the List of Persons (§14) is obliged to: keep a continuous register; report the data no later than 15 February to the Ministry of Environment; keep the documents of the register for at least 5 years; prove the truthfulness of the data.

4. Registration and registration fee (§ 30)

A registration fee of CZK 800 shall be paid for registration on the List (§ 14) and a registration fee of the same amount shall be paid for registration on the List in subsequent calendar years for the past calendar year by 15 February of the following year at the latest.

5. Conditions for placing packaging on the market (§ 4)

Limit the amount of heavy metals and hazardous substances in packaging (Obligation for persons placing packaging and packaging devices on the market).

6. Prevention (§ 3)

Minimise the volume and weight of packaging while complying with the requirements for the packaged product. (Obligation for persons placing packaging on the market).

7. Labelling of packaging (§ 6)

The Packaging Act does not impose an obligation to mark packaging placed on the market or in circulation. However, if you choose to label the packaging with the material from which it was made, you are obliged to label it in accordance with European Community law under Section 6 of the Packaging Act.

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