VAR - Windward of the Flame
VAR - Windward of the Flame
VAR - Windward of the Flame
VAR - Windward of the Flame
VAR - Windward of the Flame
VAR - Windward of the Flame
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VAR - Windward of the Flame

An important accessory of the cooker is the removable flame shroud, which is newly designed so that it can serve as a stabilizing support for the cartridge - cooker system in the opposite position.

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In practice, especially in windy weather, there is a considerable saving of fuel, up to 25%! The lee shroud really effectively protects the flame from wind gusts and the large reflective surface reflects all the heat of the combustion gases under the cooking vessel. Fitting and removal is very simple, the storage of the cooker is maintained and the weight of the windscreen in terms of fuel savings is negligible. The windscreen is perfectly compatible with the three-piece cooking set known as an 'eschus', so it takes up virtually no space in relation to the weight of the fuel saved.

The leeward can be used with smaller containers from the camping kits we offer, such as Makalu, Everest, Al-inox, Titan kit - it is perfectly compatible with the echos.

A great advantage is also the very easy „assembly and disassembly“ of the windbreak, thus maintaining the storage of the cooker itself.

Stabilizer or tripod function of the bomb: in a very simple way, the cartridge with the cooker is clamped on the opposite side of the lee, the resistance to tipping over is strengthened beyond words - whoever's cooked soup has tipped over into the grass in the moment before the desired consumption, knows what we are talking about. Reliable clamping can only be achieved with VAR CGV 425 cartridges or other cartridges of the same diameter.


  • 155 mm


  • Aluminium
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