8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ
8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ
8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ
8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ
8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ
8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ

8b+ Chalk Bag - MORITZ

“Hey guys, I'm Moritz, a sassy scoundrel with shaggy hair.

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He likes to make fun of his friends, especially Pepa. For example, when I eat his chalk, it's funny to watch him get upset!

Whatever Moritz is cooking up in his mind, no one can stay mad at him for too long. Just look at those huge eyes. Aha, come here, you ..! "

  • Diameter: 12.5 cm
  • Comes with belt and carabiner
  • It also has a toothbrush holder
  • The soft pile lining helps to distribute the chalk perfectly, while the drawstring closure neatly seals the chalk bag and keeps your chalk dry.
  • The 8BPLUS chalks are large enough and have an extra reinforced access edge so you only feel the chalk on your fingertips every time.
  • Easy chalking.
  • Includes brush holder This is a handcrafted climbing bag developed by climbers for climbers, without compromising on quality or functionality.
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8b+ Chalk Bag - BRUNO 8b+ Chalk Bag - BRUNO 2
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8b+ Chalk Bag - BRUNO

790 Kč
"Look me in the eyes, baby! Oh sure, I only have one... but there's no escaping it! When you find yourself in the wall looking for another foothold, stay still... then I'll be your third eye." 😉 Bruno is a tough fighter from the 8BPLUS bags. He will never leave you in the lurch in crisis situations!

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