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FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml
FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml
FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml
FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml
FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml
FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml

FANTOM - Balm Moto Dark 100ml


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Uses: Excellent for all products made of natural smooth leather and their imitations (leatherette, vinyl, barex), shoes, leather clothing, handbags, gloves, wallets, belts, sofa sets, motorcycle overalls, riding equipment and car interiors.

Toning balm with pigment will serve perfectly with the complete renovation (restoration) of every dark shade of the leather surface. You can easily repaint even light scuffs or scratches.

Balms will provide the skin with the necessary nutrition and protection. They prevent cracking and swelling of the skin. Your things will be like new and soft again.

The unique composition of the balm repels all water that simply runs off the surface.

At the same time, they continue to allow the skin to breathe and reduce its wear and tear.

Just spread evenly with a sponge or soft cloth.

It perfectly protects your leather shoes from dirt and salt maps in winter.

The composition of Fantom - moto balms perfectly cleans, nourishes, impregnates and protects even most smooth surfaces such as rubber (rubber seals on car doors and in plastic and wooden window profiles, hoses, cuffs). Plastics (external and internal plastics of cars – central tunnel, anti-impact strips)

The balm is a purely natural product developed and manufactured by the family company FANTOM in the Czech Republic based on many years of experience and testing.

Thanks to its unique composition, it was awarded certificates by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the State Health Institute in Prague.

Fantom retains all its properties until the package is completely used

Application: The balm is applied with a foam sponge or a soft cloth evenly in a thin layer on all smooth surfaces, subsequent polishing is recommended but no longer necessary.

Ingredients: Our balms contain real beeswax, natural fats / lanolin, / jojoba oil, carnauba wax, extracts from root and tropical plants.

Contains no water, no chemical dyes, turpentine, parabens or silicone.

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