AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX
AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX
AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX
AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX
AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX
AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX

AKU Shoes - Alterra Lite Mid GTX

The ankle variant of the universal, light and breathable Alterra Lite model, which is made of very durable materials. This model is intended for moderately difficult terrain, where it will provide you with good ankle fixation, and at the same time, it will not hold you back unnecessarily with its weight. You will also appreciate the lightness and breathability in the warmer months, when your feet will breathe comfortably in the shoe. Breathability is primarily due to the use of AKU brand fabric - AIR 8000 material. It is up to 11 times more breathable than commonly used materials

The upper consists of two structures - the outer one, which is made of suede and anatomically wraps the foot, and the inner one, which copies the foot in the instep area. A Gore-Tex (Extended Comfort) waterproof membrane is used on the model to prevent water from penetrating the shoe. Comfort is ensured by the EVA material in the midsole, which is complemented by the IMS2 damping system and Elica technology. This, like the AIR 8000 material, is AKU's own technology. It distributes the weight of the body over the entire surface of the foot and thus saves your energy. The wider sole of the AKU Tenuta will give you a firm and sure footing. The tip of the shoe is protected by a rubber cover that prevents kicking on roots and stones.

The ankle variant of the Alterra Lite model is thus an ideal light and breathable shoe for the warmer months for all lighter and moderately demanding treks or long-distance marches.

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  • Upper: brushed leather, AIR 8000 fabric
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Extended Comfort
  • Insole: Performance Fit
  • Midsole: EVA + IMS2
  • Tread: Elica system
  • Sole: AKU Tenuta
  • Weight of ½ pair (size 8): 445 g

Basic treatment:

Remove dirt from the upper material (leather, Air 8000) using a soft brush and a damp cloth.

Allow to dry slowly at room temperature, do not expose to intensive heat sources during drying.

If your shoes get wet, avoid drying them near a fire, in an oven, etc.

Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort
ELICA System
AKU Tenuta
Grinded leather 1.8 mm in combination with AIR 8000 fabric
Weight of 1 shoe (size 8)
445 g
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